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Thanksgiving sharing about a personal silent retreat:

Remain in Me: Trusting in God

Remain in Me: Captivated

Other sharings…

I thank God for sending me a short project with a former employer to tide me through this period of unemployment. Of course the money earned would come in handy, but I’m beginning to think that was my Father’s secondary purpose. His primary one was to give me a chance to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years; and also to  remember how He has been steadfast in His provision for me throughout the years.

Seeing the faces of old friends and ex-colleagues light up in complete surprise – and then happiness –  to run into me warmed my heart. It served as a reminder to me that the approach I have adopted to work since then (this was my very first full-time job after graduating), i.e. building sincere relationships that support work goals instead of pursuing corporate KPIs at any cost in the name of expediency (which I think my different bosses wished I did) paid off.

Being at this old workplace also reminded me of how God had ALWAYS seen me through my career hiccups as I had, over the years, gone back to work with this organization on projects whenever I was in between jobs. And somehow, even though the situations were always dire – I once quit in the middle of an economic recession – God always saw me through it all. He might have been shaking His head in heaven going, “Sigh, this son of mine is once more choosing the ways of the unwise, but I shall swoop in to fix things like l always do.”

So, thank you, Father, for loving me and always raising me back up from the depths of my own mistakes. Even now, while I don’t see a clear way ahead, I shall remind myself to trust in You, for You are a faithful God. It will take spiritual discipline to walk by faith and not by sight – and I will falter sometimes for sure – but deep in my heart, Father, I know that You’ve always got my back .:) – Gerard

I would like to praise and thank God for Praise@Work community, where I am loved and accepted for who I am and I can be myself. – Marilyn

I praise God for being my Guiding Light, especially at my workplace. I have been experiencing challenging trials (and people!) at work. I know the Lord is molding my character and teaching me to rely on Him more. – Aby

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That is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine. – Romans 1:12


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